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Puppy Preschool



What is Puppy Preschool and why do we need it?


The critical learning and socialisation period for dogs is 8 to 16 weeks of age. For puppies in this age group, our Puppy Preschool classes provide a safe positive environment for you and your puppy to learn important life skills that will allow your puppy to evolve into a friendly, well behaved, and social member of the family.

Puppy Preschool is the first step in a lifetime of behavioural guidance for you as a dog owner.

What you can expect is to:

• build a very positive foundation for appropriate behaviours with your puppy

• receive expert guidance on how to foster a lifelong positive connection with your puppy

• gain a better understanding of natural dog behaviours and how to work with a dog’s natural instincts

• learn positive training, basic cues and behaviour reinforcement techniques

With only 6 puppies in each class, our Puppy Preschool classes provide:

  • Socialisation/interaction - with people and other dogs

  • Toilet training advice - no more 'oops'!

  • Familiarisation with the hospital - making vet visits less stressful

  • Settling and calming techniques

  • Troubleshooting - addressing any issues you may be having e.g.; mouthing/biting and jumping up

  • Teaching tricks and playing games

  • Understanding dog psychology

  • General health care advice - diet, exercise, grooming for puppies

1. We recommend puppies commence Puppy Preschool training from 8 - 13 weeks of age to receive the maximum benefit from the classes (Puppy Kindy with Training Mutts is available for puppies that are older)

2. Your puppy MUST have received its first vaccination prior to the commencement of classes.


Who is the Puppy School Dog Trainer?

Nadia Ruzicka from Training Mutts runs the Puppy Preschool classes and has extensive experience working with and owning animals. Nadia has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training. Nadia is qualified in using positive reinforcement training methods and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia. Nadia also provides 1 on 1 dog training, Puppy Kindy, Group Training, New Puppy set ups and makes handmade Snuffle Mats.

Check out her website for more information, or contact Nadia on 0423 105 395 or

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