Our Grooming Service

We offer highly professional Japanese-style grooming services for all sizes of dogs. From a buzz-cut to a fancy show clip or just a warm bath and blow-dry in winter, our team offers a gentle and relaxed service in a comfortable environment. Of course having this done in a veterinary hospital means if the groomer notices any skin or health problems, assistance is at hand, or you can ask for routine stuff like worming or vaccinations to be done on the day. We seriously aim to be the highest quality dog grooming service on the Drummoyne peninsula.


Some dogs are unable to cope with grooming in the normal way and may need to be sedated or anaesthetised. In this instance please discuss with us first as this service would need to be booked in with our veterinary and nursing team. 

Please give us a call on 9719 2149 to book in any grooms

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