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Because every life is Precious

Harry was just 12 weeks old when he was trapped and brought to the clinic. He'd been doing it tough on the street, born into a colony of feral cats, covered in fleas, burdened with intestinal worms and terrified of people. Harry is just one of many thousands of homeless cats born on the streets of Sydney every year. 

Cat Adoption Program


At Drummoyne Veterinary Hospital, we believe every life is precious. Every year, there are thousands of kittens born on the streets of Sydney. Our team is always willing to help where we can. So from time to time, you will find any rescued kittens and cats available for adoption on our Pet Rescue page.

When you adopt a kitten from us, we ask for a small fee of $250, which will include the following:

  • Your bouncy, happy & healthy new cat or kitten!

  • Desexing surgery

  • First Vaccination

  • Microchip implantation and identification on the NSW Pet Registry (council registration fee to be paid by owner)

  • A kitten pack including lots of handy information about looking after your new kitten, toys and a food sample

  • 2kg bag of Hills Science Diet Vet Essentials Kitten food

  • Next flea and worm prevention treatment 

Promoting Responsible Cat Ownership 


As part of our commitment to making the community a safer place for both cats and our beautiful native wildlife, we only adopt our kittens out to indoor only homes . If you have a safe, enclosed garden with cat proof mesh or fencing, or an outdoor cat enclosure, this is also perfect for your new kitten.


Our native wildlife suffers greatly as a result of hunting from domestic and wild cats. We owe it to our wildlife to protect them by any means that we can - which includes preventing our domestic pets from having such a devastating impact. Outdoor cats also face many risks- being hit by a car is very common and almost always fatal. Getting into fights with other cats can cause serious injuries, and infectious diseases such as the feline Aids virus (FIV). Not everyone is cat lover, and cats also face acts of cruelty from other people. Having an indoor cat, or a cat safely contained to your property will mean a longer, happier and healthier life for your cat, less expense on vet bills and less stress and heartache for you as the owner. Cats should also be vaccinated annually, even when kept indoors. 

We put so much love and work into fostering, treating and rehoming these gorgeous cats. We hope that you will honour this hard work by keeping your cat safe to your best ability throughout their lifetime :)

For any questions regarding the program, please get in touch with Rosie, our Cat Adoption Coordinator. 

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